09 September 2012

Hey, Missy~

you really did think
long-distanced-classes friendship (mind my bad =_= ) can't last long,
didn't you?

Well, maybe now you've seen,
it is proven that it do worked to us well!

You said,
we don't have similarity if our classes are different.
You said,
our class matters are ours, only
and vice versa.
And you ran because of that (aren't you? =_= )
Then you found some people
who are REALLY match to you.

But we don't.
We don't run away, giving up.
This year, all of us were split up.
Even one of us 'flyaway'.
We still in-contact.
We meet and chatting like always do.

So, Miss,
whatever if you avoiding this message (what message?!).
I tried to imagine our group
but I am unavailable to put you in.
Not my fault -raise my hands-.


p/s: finally I'm 120, 4th job! But not the main =_= I'm sorry I have betrayed you.

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