07 April 2012

kau sibuk pahal?

I hate her.

She really loves to interfere whatever my favorites are.
What I like,
seems hers too.
Even me, the one who obsessed,
seems she has more interest than me.
In other word,
whatever I like it's hers too.

I don't like that.
I feel like I lost to her even though they are MY interests.
Why is she the one who happier
while those are MY INTERESTS?
And I AM NOT being selfish.

But her interests are not mine.
I don't like to copy people.
They have their interests and I have mine.
So then we can share ours and be closer and closer.

She makes me hate what I really liked before.

Now, she can't do that more than she has done before.
I even felt I don't want to share my secrets to her anymore.
If I tell her, seems she is so over-reacting, make me feel really annoyed.

The most annoying thing is
if I tell her this
she will never admit it and put the blame on me.
And whatever she will oppose me, I will never fight back.
Because she's just a friend of mine.

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