04 June 2011

So what's the point?

I saw it...
then I ask you,
"You've no food~ So what are you going to eat?"

Then you angry,
and mad at me.

Because I have a heart,
I, at least, leave you some food.
Even the remaining are not really enough for me.
You eat, good.

when I'm starve,
and the foods are not really enough for up to one people,
you don't see me.

I'm the one who ask you,
to give me some.

Then what did you said?
"You've eat just now!"
Then I replied,
"When?! What really am I going to eat?"

And so,
what's the point,
of me sacrifice for you?
Even, if you say, a little,
then, did you give me EVEN a LITTLE?

You're so,
non-hearted kind of people.

My grammar is so bad? So what? I'm hungry now! Give me some food!

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