25 June 2011

First and last!

oh, come on.
After you go away from us,
You think you should change your attitude?
From wearing proper clothes to improper clothes?
From calling people with proper names to improper names?
From talking about good things to gossip things?

Who do you think you are?
A hypocrite?

And who do you think we are?
A group of good people?
Oh, sorry... I should add some more words,
A group of good people who don't match you?

So do you think you're bad people?
Do you know that all people have their kindness?
And do you know that people are a creature that can be change
from bad to good?

Come on,
if you think you're not good to be with us,
then don't ever dream to come back to us.

But of course,
I'm warning you.
We're not expelling you.
You're the one who run away from us.
In excuse of one of us do something to you.
Even though we here are up to one people, that you can rely on.

Still, all of us are thinking about you
and your new attitude.
And worrying you.
So don't you ever think we never taking care of you.

If you're changing your mind,
Firstly, you should change back to your other self
that once we know.
And the important thing I want,
don't think that there's only one people you want to be with always.
There's always others
that can change you.

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